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Adult Awards 2023

February 27, 2024

Lucan Sarsfields Player of the Year Awards 2023

Minor C Football

This player had a fantastic year and improved in every single game. He rarely missed a training session and his great attitude and teamwork set a great example to all the players. He marshalled the defence all year long and proved to be a lynchpin of our team.

Minor C player of the year is Joe White.

Minor B Football

When we look back at the season we looked for consistency of performance and a top show of attitude, punctuality, respect and hard work. We have a few contenders who ticked all the boxes, but this player always showed up with his best efforts at all times. He has superb ability, great awareness on a pitch and a lot of the time was our go to man to get a score. Off the pitch he was just as involved with hard work and concentration at training. We want to thank him for all his efforts, and we are sure he will continue in this mode. Good luck to him and the rest of the lads with their final minor year.

The minor B footballer of the year is Rory Egan

Minor A Football

This player displayed fantastic leadership, dedication and work ethic within the group both on and off the pitch. He played every minute of all league and championship games during 2023.Playing at centre-field, he ran and working tirelessly on the pitch for the good of the team, chipping in with long-range scores when needed. He had a 100% attendance at training during the season. For such a young man he demonstrates huge dedication and pride in our club.

The Minor A player of the year is Daragh Lyons.


Minor C Hurling

 This player came within a hair’s breadth of finishing his minor career holding a trophy. He was a quiet presence in the dressing room, choosing instead to  lead by example on the field both at training and at matches. He showed a great attitude and great leadership this year from start to finish; driven on the pitch, respectful to and respected by all, always calm, always kept the head up and always hugely reliable.

The minor C hurler of the year is Daragh Kenna


Minor B Hurling

This player performed consistently throughout the year. He showed leadership during matches when players had to stand up to the task. His maturity, skills & the will to win that dirty ball were evident when he put on the Lucan Sarsfields jersey. He integrated very well into group and gave 100 percent in training. His leadership in his approach to training and matches was noted by all throughout the year. This player was prepared to play his part whatever the task required with full commitment and conviction. He is an excellent example of a team player, and the minor B mentors wish him and all his team mates well in the future and look forward to watching them develop into adult hurlers.

The Minor B hurler of the year is Dillon Ryan.


Minor A Hurling

The Hurler of the Year’s contribution to our Minor A squad this season was nothing short of inspirational. We continually asked for our players to be coachable; be it in the gym or on the field - in training and games. His honest attitude to training raised our standards, leading through action rather than in words. He captained the team brilliantly over the course of the season and his performances across an unbeaten league and championship run drove on his team-mates from centre-back, with an insatiable drive to win. No synopsis would be complete without mentioning his match-winning point off the hurley in the Minor A hurling final, securing only Lucan’s second minor A hurling title, a first in 18 years.

The Minor A Hurler of the Year is Cathal Kennedy


Minor C Ladies Football

While there were a number of girls who were considered for this award for Minor C Ladies football there could only have been one winner. This player showed her commitment to this team and the friendship she had with members on it and put in some amazing performances throughout the year. She is a worthy winner of this award.

The minor C ladies footballer of the year is Lucy Fox


Minor B Ladies Football

In the realm of Ladies Gaelic Football in Lucan Sarsfields, this accolade recognises and celebrates an outstanding player who has displayed exceptional passion, commitment, and dedication to her team during the year.  It honours and celebrates the embodiment of teamwork, leadership, and sportswomanship that this player displayed throughout the 2023 league and championship both on and off the field of play. She inspired fellow players with her enthusiasm, resilience, and determination. She represents the spirit of the minor B Ladies Football team. Her achievements serve as a testament to the enduring power of sport and the profound impact it can have on all players.

The player of the year for Minor B Ladies Football for 2023 is Niamh White.


Minor A Ladies Football

This player this year demonstrated great leadership and really encouraged the integration of players into the team. On the pitch she lead by example, always offered encouragement and stood out as a very influential player. This player without doubt is a very intelligent and skilful footballer. Talents recognised by both management and supporters alike. We would congratulate her on winning this fully deserved award and would hope she continues to develop further through her adult career.

The Minor A Ladies Football player of the year is Niamh Roche.

Minor B Camogie

This player was a huge part of the minor squad for 2023. She displayed huge amounts of energy and skill all through both campaigns and always gave 100%. She was excellent in defence with huge pace down the wings. She will do well in the future and has great potential to go further.

The minor B camogie player of the year is Ailbhe McGillicudy


Minor A Camogie

For Minor A player of the year 2023 it has become a necessity that she continues to develop new skills every year as she has now become a marque player drawing multiple markers nearly every game to counteract her movement and scoring ability, with a positive attitude especially if the chips are down she contributes right to final whistle, always supporting her team mates & club mates at what seems like every game at the club whether playing or not.

The Minor A Player of the year is Aoibheann Stokes.


U-21 Football

While the Under 21 season was very short this year, there was still time for this player to emerge as the most obvious contender for player of the year. His determination both on and off the pitch combined with serious talent and hard work made the selection quite easy.

The Under 21 player of the year is Derek Cahill


U-21 B Hurling

This player is very unassuming in his role that holds together the centre of the pitch for his team. He quietly and efficiently gets through the work out in front of him and can be depended upon to put in a performance ever time he takes the field.

The u21 B hurler of the year is Cillian Morrissey.


U-21 A Hurling

This player’s overall consistency and high level of performances were pivotal to a championship run. His skill level, coupled with his hard work and determination to get better will no doubt see him play a big part for Lucan in the future.

The u21 A hurler of the year is Matt Coogan.


U-21 B Camogie

The positive attitude of U21b player of the year 2023 is contagious on every team she has played for, added to by her resolve and incredible speed she has become a force to be reckoned with by any opposition.

The U21b Player of the year is Riona McKearney


U-21 A Camogie

This player has shown great dedication and commitment to the team, is fiercely determined and always leads from the front.

The U21a Player of the year is Ellen Dunphy


Junior D Football

This player is a huge asset to our team and is well regarded among his teammates. During the championship his consistent performances were a huge factor in our team reaching the quarter finals. Sam made some great saves and pinpoint accuracy from both long and short range kickouts helped contribute to some key results along the way.

The Junior D player of the year is Sam McCarthy


Junior C Football

This year we want to honour and celebrate an exceptional young player.

We commend his talent, dedication and unwavering commitment within the Junior C men’s football Panel. Throughout the year this player has consistently demonstrated his ability on the field and his skills are unmatched. His determination and passion for the game is to be admired and he’s a super role model for his other teammates. He motivates our whole team giving them hope and encouragement all the way throughout even the toughest of games. But he’s not just exceptional on the pitch - he has such a positive attitude and a big impact on the team’s overall success. He’s humble and grateful for every opportunity that is afforded to him. He has proven time and time again that he is an extremely worthy recipient of this award

Junior C’s 2023 Player of the Year award goes to Ross Campion


Junior B Football

The Junior B player of the year is a leader both on and off the field. He had a great influence on the young and older members of the team. From the half back line he was a great influence in both defence and attack, where he chipped in with several vital scores.

The Junior B player of the year is Ollie Collins


Junior A Football

I doubt the Oscars will be this competitive! There were a whole load of nominations, but in the end there was a unanimous decision based on who dished out the most shoulders. They may not all have been quite shoulder to shoulder. In fact, a lot of them were more shoulder to hip.

The junior A footballer of the year is Louis Butler.

Junior C Hurling

This player was a vital part of the team last year playing in a number of positions at different stages of the year - He always gives his best  and is an example of an all-round team player that any team would be delighted have lining out alongside them.

The junior C hurler of the year is Aidan Sheery.


Junior B Hurling

This player was the most consistent hurler for the Junior B squad in 2023. He kept his spot throughout the year and rarely missed training. He never gave less than 100% when he crossed the white line and was an example to his teammates with his tenacity and competitiveness in every match he played.

The junior B hurler of the year is Cian Ryan.

Junior A Hurling

Promotion to a higher league and reaching a championship final does not happen every year. When the lightening does strike though it is usually due to a committed and hardworking squad.  There were many in the Junior A squad who deserved the accolade of player of the year. However one man stood out for his commitment, steady head, hardworking but a critical team player. Tenacious but without fouling and an excellent catcher of the high midfield ball.

The junior A player of the year is Cathal Ó Maolmhána.


Junior C Ladies Football

The junior C ladies football team are lucky enough to have a large number of players that they could have chosen as the player of the year and it was a hard decision to make. The player they have picked joined the team in July 2022 and since then she has been a great addition to the team. She has always applied herself in both training and games. She is a mainstay in our fullback line and has made some phenomenal blocks during games.

The junior C ladies footballer of the year is Lauren Gilsenan


Junior B Ladies Football

This player’s commitment to the team and to her role on the pitch is second to none. She literally puts her whole body on the line to defend off every attack, she never gives up, she never complains or gives out, she always just gets on with the job. She is a very committed player showing up to every training session and every match. She is an absolute pleasure to coach and is an absolute asset to the team.

The junior B ladies footballer of the year is Niamh McClelland.


Junior A Ladies Football

The junior A Ladies Football award goes to a player who is never afraid to take on additional responsibilities both on and off the pitch, with a commitment which is second to none whether it be attendance at training or at matches. One of the more senior players on the team at the age of 21, this player always has smile on her face and is always one of the first players to training and last to leave. She always has positive words of encouragement to all her teammates but in particular to the younger players joining from the juvenile section

The 2023 Junior A ladies Footballer of the year is Roisin Egan.


Junior C Camogie

This player gave absolutely 100% energy and effort every time she stepped on the pitch. Taking on various roles within the team without complaint and never gave up irrespective of the scoreline. She has displayed huge skill and determination and was an easy choice for player of the year.

Junior C Camogie player of the year is Megan Lindsey


Junior B Camogie

A great team player, her versatility on the pitch and her willingness to play in any position was a real bonus for us throughout the year. She always gives everything during training and matches, and her technical abilities are an example to all. She was a pleasure to coach throughout the year and constantly encouraged her teammates during matches.

Our Junior B Camogie  player of the year is Kate Ryan.


Junior A Camogie

The Junior A player of the year has, over the past year, 2023, again been a great example to her teammates with commitment in all areas of her game, attendance at training throughout the year, encouragement to her fellow players and total determination on the pitch, her attitude is exemplary with no shortage of skill to back it up, playing centre half back and driving the team.

The Junior A Player of the year is Grace Kenny


Intermediate Football

In a difficult year for intermediate football, the selection of player of the year should have been an easy task but that was not the case with a number of worthy contenders in the running. However, for his commitment to training throughout the year and for the consistency of his hard work during matches.

The intermediate player of the year goes to Brian O’Sullivan


Intermediate Hurling

The Intermediate Hurler of the Year is a well-respected and very dedicated player.  In our first year for many years playing in Division 4 of the League and also Intermediate Championship, he was a stand-out performer and managed to drag the team over the line in many games.  He guided the younger players throughout the year.  He also showed great maturity, hardly got booked all year, and was very polite and courteous to the Management.

The Intermediate Hurler of the Year for 2023 is Colm Keenan


Intermediate Camogie

Camogie, as we know is a team sport! However, as with all team sports certain players come to the fore as a result of their performance, honesty, work rate, dedication and consistency throughout the year! Our 2023 player of the year ticked all of these boxes. A highly valued team member and very popular amongst her teammates.

Intermediate Camogie player of the year is Lucy Fox.


Intermediate Ladies Football

Throughout 2023 this player has been one of our stalwarts. She was always there for training, league matches and championship matches and always with a smile on her face. She went about everything in her typically quiet manner but her contribution throughout the whole year was invaluable. Defenders don’t always get the recognition they deserve but she did her job diligently always marking her opponent closely and one of the great sights was to see her coming bursting out of defence with the ball.

The intermediate ladies footballer of the year is Rebecca Flanagan.


Senior Camogie

Throughout the year this player has shown huge commitment to the team, worked hard to develop her game and is a consistent high performer. Players in her position rarely get the praise they deserve.

The Senior Camogie player of the year is Amy Gorman.  

Senior Football

The Senior Football POTY for 2023 has won this award for a combination of reasons. He attitude and hard work on the pitch has been noted by all his team mates and coaching staff. His dog like attitude in training and his ability to encourage the younger members of the senior squad are remarkable traits for a player to have. His preparation for training and games is admired by all. His jolly demeanour and good humour is seen both inside and outside the bounds of Lucan Sarsfields.

The 2023 Senior Football POTY is Colm Behan.


Senior Hurling

This player played in a number of positions this year including corner back, wing back and midfield. He performed exceptionally well in all of the roles he was asked to fulfil and chipped in with a number of scores throughout the year. His  progress with us has not gone unnoticed as his call up to the Dublin senior hurling squad has illustrated.

The senior hurler of the year is Colm Walsh



Adult Management team of the year

Minor A Hurling -  Diarmuid Kennedy, Fergal Walshe, Kevin Mehan. Fintan Clandillon, Cillian Murray, Daire Murphy and Luke Walshe.

Winners of Div 1 hurling league  and winners of Minor A Championship

Hall of fame award

This year’s Hall of Fame recipient hails from a small village and townland on the shores of the beautifully scenic Lough Finn which is overlooked by Achla and the Screig Mountains in the west Donegal Gaeltacht.

The second youngest of 11 children born to Bridget and James, he played underage football with Naomh Conaill in Glenties and in school with St Eunan’s in Letterkenny, where he came to the attention of the County Minor management, and he went on to represent Donegal in both the 1963 Ulster Minor football league and championship finals. He subsequently represented Donegal at Under 21 and Senior level before his education and career ambitions took him to UCD via UCG. While in Dublin he boarded with the Gilmore family in Drumcondra where he met and married Tom and Rita’s only daughter, Jacinta.

They began their married life in Lucan and when time finally allowed, he joined up with the Club’s Junior team in the 1970’s and into the 1980’s enjoying success in the Loving Cup with the likes of Sean Nolan, Jack Sheedy and the late, great, Richie Crean.

His love of Irish Culture led the way to his stewardship for many years of set dancing classes and ceilithe with the late Don Dardis in both the old and new clubhouse.

Having children brought him closer to the centre of Club activity when he became involved in managing and mentoring teams for his sons Reamonn and Aidan, and later his daughters Aoife and Orlaith. He was a selector when the ladies won the Leinster Junior title in 2002. He finally stood back from his role in management and mentoring teams in 2022 after a long spell with the Ladies Intermediate Team.

He was deeply involved in school football teams in Lucan Community College where he taught for 39 years and within the VEC was a selector with the successful All Ireland winning team which beat Tyrone in Croke Park in May 2000 and had on it 4 Lucan players including his son Aidan.

His long association with Lucan Sarsfields continues as a supporter at many matches and as volunteer with one of the club’s Lotto teams. His proud Donegal heritage comes to the fore any time his native county is in action, in particular when his grandnephew Jeaic McKelvey is playing, and he is looking forward to renewed success under Jim McGuinness, a fellow Naomh Conaill clubman.

To mark a life dedicated to GAA in Lucan and further afield, this year’s Hall of Fame recipient is…… Neil McKelvey.

Club person of the year award

This person started their football career back in 1991. A key player who played a central role in any team that they were involved in and sometimes even playing the role of both the player and manager at the one time. They very much come from a GAA family and in turn has raised their own. They are a hugely popular person both on and off the pitch.

Over the years she has been a Driving force of ladies football in the club and has dragged several people out of retirement, especially when starting our second ladies football team -We’re now fielding 4 which is no doubt due to her years of determination

After threatening to retire for years she eventually hung up the boots a couple of years back and has since replaced them with golf shoes. Outside of playing she has also done tremendous work over the years between her sons teams and organising, promoting and supporting many social events in the club such as Donate a dress, féile fundraisers, Zumba and even setting it out on the catwalk- there wouldn’t be much she wouldn’t throw her hand into. One more recently being the 2005 players and mentors night last month which she organised to celebrate a hugely successful year in both codes for the minors.

If she’s not playing or volunteering she can be found on the Sidelines – whether it’s her sons, her nieces, her nephews or any other team that may be on she’ll be there. If you can’t see her, listen out for “go on go on” and she won’t be too far away

She is a great example of everything that embodies Lucan Sarsfields and is a very deserving recipient of this honour. For these reasons the winner of the club person of the year award 2024 goes to Tracey Walsh.

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