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Chairman's Opening Address at the Club's Annual Dinner Dance

February 04, 2018

For a club such as ours, that can look back on a proud history and many great memories, it is important for us to acknowledge what makes such a wonderful story possible

People say to me why do I spend so much time with the club I don’t see it like that

I see it as a place where like-minded people come together 

to improve the life of members,

to inspire the community

to support the our players and

to build friendships

I suppose we are like a family in fact the club is family !!! supporting each other with the highs and lows in life. 

Volunteers are the live blood without them we wouldn’t survive later this month will be announcing a program to reward those who give us so much.

I would like to share some key number about Lucan Sarsfields

We are now a super club !!

With over 2800 Members and this morning over 200 children attend our academy and at our recent review we have 145 Teams who require referees to play games. We are expected to reach 3000 in 2018

My role as chairman with our executive with the support of the committees coaches and mentors is the keep the club growing from strength to strength passing it on to the next group we do our best at all times to keep it moving forward. 

The club needs to be organised in terms of administration , funding coaching , games development and we now have a greater focus on compliance the club chairperson plays a key role in making sure the correct structures are in place for the present and help to define the roadmap for the future !! in recognition of this the Club has commissioned a commemorative medal to acknowledge past chairman for their commitment loyalty and vision. In essence to say Thank you !!

Listed on the wall of honor we have 25 Names of past Chairman going back as far as 1930 but tonight we have a few with us here tonight

Paul McGann

Sean O'Conghaile

Shay Hurson

Mick Roche

Declan O'Leary

Gerry McAndrew

Paul Stapelton

Ladies and gentlemen friends and members I would like to call on the past chairman to come up to the stage and receive this token of our appreciation.

At our recent adult awards night we announced our club person of the year for 2017 unfortunately the club person of the year wasn’t in attendance and we had a live video link with him in Germany . However he is with us tonight and on your behalf I would like to present him with his trophy and ask Greg O Neill to say a few word.

Tonight’s dinner dance is one of the highlights of our year and if last year is anything to go by it will be a great one.

I would like to thank the organising committee for making the event happen 

Mary Flannery 

Mary Reynolds 

Kathleen Roache

Josephine Donoghue

Alice Whyte

I would also like to thank those who help put the finishing touches together the place looks amazing.

I would also like to thank our caterers and bar staff for looking after us.

We will be selling raffle tickets later please support

I would also like to remind you our Annual Race day @ Leopardstown is on 4th March


Please enjoy your evening .. 

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